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Sallie Ann Robinson cooking 018

Hello folks I know that sometime when you get home you are just to tired to get in the kitchen to prep and prepare for a meal. Or maybe you can’t think of something that’s different to cook as well as easy and tasty that’s soothing for dah soul.

And for those of you who do not like to cook at all or any more. Well no more worries because I can help you. I will share some of my secrets of cooking the Gullah way or prepare something else you like. I can cook a meal or dish and bring it to you or come to you and help prepare a great dish or meal in the comfort of your home.

So remember HELP is just a phone call away. 912-604-8210 please give 2-3 days notice. Just lovin it !!

Macaroni and Cheese          Pecan Crunch Cookies - small         20150411_180935


Smuttered Shrimp           crab cakes        Low Country Boil