Daufuskie Island

Daufuskie Island a place dear to my heart and one of many small sea island in the low country that’s nearby the famous Hilton Head Island at the north end of the island. It is my birth place that sculpts the memories of a time that molded me into the person I am today. A place where you can only get there by a boat unless you own a helicopter.

Sallie's way 021My life growing up on Daufuskie was the best of not missing what you never had. I was taught that tough love was good fo dah soul, Our elders made sure we didn’t forget the things that would help us along the way our morals,values, manners, respect and the difference between right and wrong. Folks wanted us to know the meaning of survival because they was not going to leave with us. It was as if they had prepared us to go off to war with a different kind of twist. But most of all we had to take our learning from them and make something of yourself.

Doing my childhood adults were head of their house and you dare sassy or speak when you were not spoken to. The island was our play ground and we had the best of times venturing all through the woods from one end of the island to the other. And during family time or dinner time we were all ears, taking in many stories about a time gone but not forgotten. Stories of the way Daufuskie use to be was a major topic when over many, many folks use to lived and traveled back and forth from places in Carolina and nearby Savannah crossing over on steam boat called Merchant and Cleveland.

My grandmother mother people were Indians from the island and it shows.  Blossom Robinson Many of the stories that we were told was about a time that we never knew. But our life style growing up was much like it. Daufuskie history is rich with memories about folks that did not mind helping one another. Times like when a pub wood company was once on the island that had one train that ran from one end of the island to the other. The wood was hauled onto the to travel to Savannah Georgia. A time when men didn’t mind going out in their bateaux boats early and gathering boat loads of oysters on low tide and unload at the oyster factor. The ladies would shuck oyster from dust to dawn. Another way of life for some folks was skilled carpenters whom did not have a college degree in measurements and building. Last but first our mid-wives whom was ready all hours of the night brought many babies into the world without the facilities used in hospital. Most of them never went to school as well.

Sallie's way 005Folks once lived off the rich soil and survived from planting large gardens of fresh non pesticide vegetable. Collards, squash, corn, cucumber and tomato. And for some of their meats they raised yards full of organic chickens, ducks, turkeys,hogs, and cows. Angling all types of fish year round, while winter months was the best time for hog killing, hunting wild games, pick oysters and clams while warmer month was best for casting shrimp.They all brought a different type of taste on the plate.

My heart will always be on Daufuskie with the memories of the best years of my life. I look forward to living back there as I build my way to go back home. One day there will be a to come and go for everyone but NO BRIDGE PLEASE…..











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